Scheibner Laser Alignment

The Scheibner laser alignment system that we use is one of the most advanced frame measuring systems for motorcycles. It uses a sophisticated array of cameras and lasers to measure specific points on the frame, swingarm and subframe to establish the trueness of the frame. These measurements are independent of the front end, so even if the forks got damaged during the fall, the integrity of the chassis can still be ascertained. Our frame database has thousands of models in it and is updated continually as the newer models appear.

Chassis Services.

After an accidentor, or when buying or selling a used motorcycle, there is always the question of whether the frame and swingarm are still within specifications. Before you get your bike repaired, it will be well worth your while to have it measured as it will be very difficult to prove that the motorcycle was damaged in that particular accident after you have taken delivery of your "repaired" vehicle. We are also able to check that used motorcycle before you part with any of your hard earned cash on what may very well be a bent bike.

VIV Inspections.

There are certain statutory requirements to adhere to when dealing with a repairable write off. Part of the VIV regulations state that: “For any vehicle where impact damage was assessed, the inspector will require that you supply a structural and body measurement report, detailing the actual vehicle measurement, and a copy of the manufacturer’s specifications for comparison. This will also be required where previous structural damage to the vehicle, poor repair/welding, or crumpled rails/body work is identified.”

We are able to assist you with navigating the VIV process.

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Chassis Certificate

We will provide you with a Scheibner Chassis Certificate detailing the measurements that taken, and whether they are within manufacturers specifications. Call us (03) 9391 4836 to make an appointment.

Laser, Camera, Action

The Scheibner system doing some preliminary checks and measurements on the steering head before progressing to check the swingarm and subframe.