Servicing/Tyre Change

Did you know that we now have qualified staff on hand to service your bike and also to do tyre changes. Remember that we have courtesy vehicles available while your bike is in for repairs, servicing or a tyre change.


Besides painting wheels in the colour of your choice, we can also professionally apply pinstriping to your rims.

Engine Covers

You don't have to buy a new engine cover if yours has only cosmetic (not structural) damage. You also don't have to buy expensive carbon fibre frame covers, or resort to polishing the whole frame, if yours has been scratched in a fall.

Screen/Headlight Scratches

Buying a new headlight or fairing screen because of scratches is now a thing of the past. We can polish the scratches out of your headlights and screens to restore their former smooth, clear state. Where applicable, the UV coating will be re-applied.

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