Courtesy Vehicle

Because many people may be stuck without their motorcycles, we have introduced a fleet of courtesy vehicles at MMF.
We took many factors into consideration.
We wanted something that was fun to ride. We needed it to be economical. We also needed it to be easy to handle and to cater for all license types.
With that in mind we introduce our Honda VTR and our scooter, which is affectionately known as "Terry".

Our bikes...

  • sip fuel in a friendly, frugal manner

  • manoeuvre easily in traffic

  • won't tell your bike that you've been riding them

  • take you to your destination as safely as your own bike

  • possibly save you money by making it easier to stay under the speed limit

Putting a face to the name...

Call the workshop on (03) 9391 4836 or visit our Contact Page for more details.